Are They Any Good? The Challenge

The electric guitar owes its very existence to a couple of companies, and Fender is one of them. They are part and parcel of any genre of music that employs the guitar, and as such, their guitars remain the default choice for many budding and experienced guitarists even today. That raises the obvious question – Are Fender guitars good? Let us find out.

Fender Guitars: Are They Any Good? The Challenge

There is no way of answering this question in a single go. There are just far too many variables. To begin with, what might be good for one type of guitarist may be below par for another. Then there is the price range. Fender makes everything from the ultra-affordable to the ultra-expensive. So, to answer the question in a manner that is helpful to everyone, we will divide Fender’s various offerings into groups namely – entry-level, mid-range, high-end, and super-expensive. Here is a look at each category individually.

Entry Level Fender Guitars

Most people unfamiliar with the guitar market will be surprised to know that the most affordable Fenders cost less than $100. As the headstock will say, there is a catch, ‘Squier by Fender’. Squier is a Fender subdivision specializing in affordable versions of the true Fender guitars. These guitars look identical to the expensive Fenders and offer pretty much all the same features.

Are they good, though? For the price, they are unbeatable. They are very playable. Of course, there will be a few compromises. These are usually mass manufactured in Asia using cheaper materials. The paint job and the finish aren’t great, and the quality control can be a bit suspect at times. However, as a newbie instrument, these guitars are more than adequate and have become the default choice for beginners.