Greetings From FAKEIDS

FAKEIDS FakeIds provides reliable fake ids you can use in various entry points. Most security checks for ids rely on the backlight test. Our ids will easily pass the backlight test, and we have numerous ways to pay, guaranteeing anonymity. We can provide premium fake ids for all US states and several other countries.


Here’s our deal. You will get one premium fake id, one duplicate, and a tracking number. Each card is programmed for all the security scans and checks used to validate state ids. They will pass the backlight test, and they work perfectly fine. With our offer, you can walk into any party confident that the ids will pass all test


Our fake id website makes the process straightforward, so you can focus on having your fun. Send us a quality digital photo of yourself. To provide the best id, make sure the photo is taken against a color wall background. You should also do some grooming to look neat and wear a dark color cloth to contrast the skin. FakeIds will handle the rest


FakeIds offers many secure payment methods you can use to order your fake id. The priority is to keep transactions anonymous, and we accept payments in various cryptos, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more. We also support digital wallets, such as PayPal and other peer-to-peer payment methods. You can even pay using your ID!