Teak is an Indian traditional head ornament in the form of a pendant. The main part of the tiki is a chain, it closes the selection between the hair on the head. Pendants are attached to it – pendants of various shapes that hang on the forehead. The teak itself is fixed on the hair on the back of the head with a hook.  https://government.com.ua

Pendants can be made of precious or ordinary stones. Every woman’s teak stones are completely different, chosen according to her taste and preference. In India, it is believed that each stone should be either a mascot or symbolize something.

Indian women sincerely believe that the stone that touches their forehead protects like a “third eye”, and that this stone has a higher power – negative or positive. Therefore, when choosing a tiki, they are very meticulous about the stones of which it consists.

Earlier in India, teak was a symbol of not a free woman, so it was worn only by married women, and in our time it began to be worn by unmarried girls just for beauty.

Tika in our time

Many famous designers have been showing us for several seasons that hair accessories are very important accessories in the spring and summer. And in exchange for all sorts of hoops with flowers and colorful headbands, they offered Indian headdresses.

Celebrities from all over the world set the trend for filming, performances, presentations, and our fashion girls picked it up in a flash. That’s how teak decoration is becoming more and more popular every day.