the windows on the loggia from the street

The problem of washing windows from the outside is especially acute for owners of apartments located above the third floor. Happy owners of window shutters that open inwards have the opportunity to wash the windows as often as necessary, but what if the windows are deaf or sliding? The situation if such shutters are established on a glazed loggia seems absolutely hopeless.

Traditional solutions

The safest method is to contact any cleaning company that provides cleaning services for climbers. But often this option is unacceptable due to the high cost of such services and the need to resort to it often – because the balconies and loggias of many apartments overlook construction sites and loaded with cars avenues, dust from which reaches even 19-20 floors.

You can use a special double-sided brush with a telescopic handle that extends up to 130 cm. One side of such a brush is a soft sponge covered with a protective mesh or cloth, which, after soaking in the cleaner, actually washes the glass. On the other hand, a rubber strip is attached, which is convenient to remove the remnants of dirt and soap suds. When buying such a brush, it is better to choose the option with a movable head, the tilt of which can be adjusted. This will make it easier to access the corner elements of the window.